Copyright 2002-2015 Rick Mohr

Vocola 3 is a ground-up rewrite of Vocola 2, sharing no code. Features formerly inherited from Dragon NaturallySpeaking or NatLink are now native, such as dictation, the function library, and keystroke parsing. Differences from Vocola 2 are listed below, in three categories:

Incompatible changes from Vocola 2

Vocola 3 has three incompatible syntax changes. You can use the Command File Converter to automatically convert Vocola 2 command files to Vocola 3 syntax.

In addition, these changes are important to know about:

Features which address WSR limitations

Vocola 3 has several features which address limitations of Windows Speech Recognition:

Features which improve on Vocola 2

User interface

Built-in commands




Function library