Vocola 2

Vocola 2, available since 2003, is used by many people for voice control of their computers. Numerous users are injured programmers, though not all.

Vocola 2 requires Dragon NaturallySpeaking (any edition or version) for speech recognition and is implemented using NatLink. Vocola 2 does not work with Windows Speech Recognition; see Vocola 3.

Quick start guide

New to DNS?

If you've never used Dragon NaturallySpeaking it's a good idea to spend some time getting used to it before starting with Vocola.

  1. Go through DNS training and practice dictating.
  2. Learn to use some of the DNS built-in commands.

Familiar with DNS but new to Vocola?

If you're familiar with Dragon NaturallySpeaking but new to Vocola:

  1. Install Vocola.
  2. Learn how to open Command Files by voice.
  3. Read Keystroke Commands, and try creating some commands.
  4. Steal some of the sample commands from Vocola\Samples in the NatLink installation folder.
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