Wish List

Here is a list of potential Vocola enhancements. Send e-mail if any of these are particularly important to you.

New built-in functions:

  • ExecutePreviousCommands(howManyCommands, howManyTimes)
  • Functions to save and restore the current mouse position
  • Function like ShellExecute(), but which doesn't return until the command has completed
    • [12/22/2021] The Vocola 2 extension, Subprocess, allows doing this via Subprocess.System.
  • better support for switching between applications
  • ability to hold keys and mouse buttons indefinitely, not just for the next mouse click or movement
    • [12/27/13] The Vocola 2 extension, Keys, allows doing this.

Language improvements:

  • Keystroke sequences using "Windows" modifier key (e.g. {Win+e} to start Windows Explorer)
    • [4/26/09] The WINKEY Unimacro Action allows pressing the Windows modifier key.
    • [2/3/13] Recent versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (e.g., 10 and onwards) appear to directly support this using keystrokes syntax "win" instead of say "ctrl". For example, SendSystemKeys({win+e}) opens an Explorer window.
    • [12/27/13] The Vocola 2 extension, Keys, also allows doing this.
  • Allow variables in alternative sets (e.g. <direction> | foo | bar)
  • Allow default values in alternative sets
    • [1/14] Vocola 2.8.1 does not allow specifying default values for alternative sets, but it does allow what is almost the same thing: designating alternative sets as optional in a given command and using When to give a default value when referencing them.
  • Repeatable terms (e.g. Press <modifier_key>+ <key> = ...)
    • [1/14] If you don't mind an upper limit on the number of repetitions and some extra typing, you can achieve this with Vocola 2.8.1 by, for example, press [<modifier_key> [<modifier_key> [<modifier_key>]]] <key> = ....
  • Better interface to/from Python
    • [12/15/10] Done in Vocola 2.7.1 via Vocola extensions.
    • Allow in-line Python functions.


  • Runtime error messages in terms of Vocola source files, not translated python files.
    • [7/17/10] Done in Vocola 2.7.
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