Access User Interface

Vocola has a modest graphical user interface, which you can access using built-in commands:

When you say Vocola will
"Vocola Menu" Activate the Vocola menu (also accessible by right-clicking the Vocola icon in the system tray).
"Vocola Options" Activate the Vocola Options Panel, which lets you customize Vocola's behavior in various ways.
"Vocola Log" Activate the Vocola Log Window, showing information about Vocola errors and activity.
"Vocola Library [Doc]" Open the Vocola Function Library documentation, with information about functions callable from your Vocola commands.
"Exit Vocola" Close the Vocola application.

You can view Vocola definitions for the commands on this page by saying "Open User Interface Commands". But don't edit the command file directly—see the instructions for how to disable or modify built-in commands.

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