Using comments in your Vocola command files can help you or somebody else understand the sometimes-cryptic keystroke sequences. Vocola supports both "end-of-line" comments and "open/close" comments.

End-of-line comments are specified by the # character, so anything on a line following a # character is ignored. Here is an example:

# Extract a file pathname from a Thunderbird mail message
Get File Name =
   {Ctrl+l} WaitForWindow(Compose) # Open a "forward" window
   {Enter_2}                       # Move to message body
   {Ctrl+f} WaitForWindow(Find)    # Open the "Find" panel
   :\{Enter}{Esc}                  # Search for ":\"
   {Left_3}{Shift+End}{Ctrl+c}     # Copy entire pathname
   {Alt+F4};                       # Close the window

Open/close comments use the syntax #|...|#. One use of this comment syntax is "commenting out" a group of commands. For example:

#| see vars.vch
<n> := 1..99;
<direction>  := Left | Right | Up | Down;
<left_right> := Left | Right;
<start_end> := (Start={Home} | End={End});
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