After dictating text using Vocola dictation you can correct it by saying "Fix That" to open the Vocola correction panel. For example, if you tried to dictate "the sheikh's sheep are sick" the correction panel might look like this:

Use these built in commands to access the numbered alternate phrases:

When you say Vocola will
"n OK" or
"Choose n"
Replace the spoken phrase with the numbered phrase (closing the dialog). For example, say "2 OK" to choose "the sheikh's sheep are sick".
"Select n" Copy the numbered phrase to the text box, keeping the dialog open to allow editing. For example, "Select 1".

In addition you can use standard commands to close the window such as "Click OK" or "Press Escape".

The upper box is editable, so you can edit the phrase directly or dictate a new phrase. Note that WSR dictation is active in the upper box, allowing the peculiar possibility of using WSR correction to modify a spoken phrase there.

Using the correction panel updates your speech profile, helping WSR learn from your correction. This is true both when you choose a numbered alternate and when you edit the phrase directly in the upper box.

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