Insert Keystrokes

When creating commands by voice you can use the "Insert" command to insert keystroke specifiers with the proper syntax.

Note that this command is only enabled when the window title contains .vcl or .vch, which is true for most applications when a Vocola command file is open.

When you say Vocola will
"Insert [modifier] [modifier] key [2..99]" Insert the properly-formatted keystroke specifier.

For example:

When you say Vocola will insert
"Insert Alt f" {Alt+f}
"Insert Windows Romeo" {Win+r}
"Insert Control Shift Left 2" {Ctrl+Shift+Left_2}
"Insert Escape" {Esc}

For the complete list of modifier and key choices, say "Open Keys Header" to view the file keys.vch in the Commands\Builtins installation folder. Note you may include this header file and write commands using its variables with the statement:

$include CommandFile.GetBuiltinsPathname(keys.vch);

You can view Vocola definitions for the commands on this page by saying "Open Keystroke Commands". But don't edit the command file directly—see the instructions for how to disable or modify built-in commands.

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