Sample Commands

Writing a full set of commands to control your computer takes some effort. As a starting point, Vocola ships with sample commands for most common Windows tasks and some common applications. To explore (and steal) them you can say:

  • "Open Sample Global Commands" - to open sample commands for all applications, or
  • "Open Sample Commands" - to open sample commands for the active application.

If you see some you like, copy their definitions to your command files to activate them.

Note that some of the sample command files include header files which define shortcuts to important items, such as files.vch, folders.vch, URLs.vch, and email.vch. Creating your own versions of these files with shortcuts to your important items can give you quick access to those items.

Following are examples of a few of the available commands.

Sample global commands

Switch applications and windows:

  • Switch Window
  • Close Window
  • Use 3 (Switch to third taskbar window)
  • Use Finder 2 (Switch to second Windows Explorer window)
  • Close Mailer
  • Show Desktop
  • Task Manager

Move and resize windows:

  • Window Minimize
  • Window 5 Left (Move window to the left)
  • Window Bottom 3 Down (Resize window from bottom)
  • Slam Right (Move window to right edge of screen)

Press keys:

  • Press Alpha Slash Bravo
  • Space Times 10
  • Touch Backspace Alpha (Correct character at pointer)
  • Volume Mute

Control the mouse:

  • Touch Double
  • 50 by 50 Touch (Click center of screen)

Edit text:

  • 3 Left
  • 2 Words Right
  • Kill 4 Words
  • Duplicate Line
  • Copy Graph (Copy current paragraph)
  • Kill All
  • Paste Clean

Sample application-specific commands

Windows Explorer:

  • New Folder
  • Folder Documents (Shortcut to important folder)
  • Copy Filename

Internet Explorer or Firefox:

  • View Source
  • Show Favorites
  • New Tab
  • Tab 3
  • Close Tab
  • Show Weather (Shortcut to important web page)
  • Web Search
  • Go Back 2
  • Copy Address
  • Bigger 2 (Increase text size two levels)

Thunderbird mailer:

  • Folder Inbox
  • Sort By Date
  • Filter Pat (Filter messages for specified words)
  • First Unread
  • Flag That
  • Open Attachment 2
  • Reply to All
  • Forward Message
  • Address Pat
  • CC Kim
  • Send That

Visual Studio

  • Rebuild
  • Save All
  • Full Screen
  • Set Bookmark
  • Clear Breakpoints
  • Exceptions On
  • Comment 3 Lines
  • Insert For Each

Other applications:

  • Emacs
  • Office 2000
  • Command Prompt
  • ...others
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