Vocola API

Vocola provides an application programming interface (API), exposing methods and properties which extensions may invoke to interact with the running Vocola application. The VocolaExtension class (which all extensions inherit from) has static members named VocolaApi and VocolaDictation.

See below for the properties and methods available on these objects. For examples of their use see the function library source code (in the FunctionLibrary\Source installation folder).


string CommandFolder { get; }
string CommandBuiltinsFolder { get; }
string CommandSamplesFolder { get; }
string ExtensionFolder { get; }
VocolaErrorInfo FirstErrorInLastFile { get; }
void AddTermAlternate(string term, string alternate);
void DisplayMessage(string message, bool isWarning);
void EmulateRecognize(string words);
void ExitVocola();
object GetAutomationObject(string progId);
string GetVariable(string name);
void InsertText(string text);
void LogMessage(LogLevel level, string message);
void SendKeys(string keys);
void SendSystemKeys(string keys);
void SetVariable(string name, string value);
void ShowFunctionLibraryDocumentation();
void ShowLogWindow();
void ShowOptionsDialog();
void ShowVocolaMenu();


string TextJustDictated { get; }
void Correct();
void Enable(bool enable);
void EnableForWindow(bool enable, string appName, string windowTitleFragment);
string PopAlternates();
void Replace(string text);
string ReplaceInActiveText(string oldText, string newText);
void ShowDictationShortcutsDialog();
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