Voice Resources


For Dragon NaturallySpeaking

  • Nuance Dragon – The official purchase and support site for Dragon voice recognition products.
  • NatLink project on SourceForge – NatLink is maintained by generous users. You can usually find the latest installers here.
  • Redstart Systems – Makers of "Utter Command", a thorough and intuitive set of voice commands for controlling your computer.
  • SpeechUtilities.com – David Austin's site, with help for getting the most out of the NatSpeak macro languages. If you decide to stick with these, get here the superior command browser "SayWhat".

For Windows Speech Recognition

  • Rob's Rhapsody – Rob Chambers had a central role in developing and evangalizing WSR. Since WSR is light on documentation some useful information appears only here, such as his list of built-in WSR voice commands.
  • MyMSSpeech.com – WSR tools including the WSR Toolkit, which supports useful features not otherwise present in WSR.


  • KnowBrainer Forums – Good info about Dragon, Vocola, NatLink, and other speech recognition topics.
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