[Un]official Vocola 2 extensions

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The following previously unofficial Vocola 2 extensions are now as of Vocola 2 version 2.8.7 official extensions:

Extension Description
Clipboard getting and setting the clipboard
Date getting the current time/date
Env reading environment variables
Keys an alternative method of sending keystrokes
Subprocess running subprocesses
Variable session-persistent variables
Vocola displaying text and stopping commands early

Here are some other still unofficial Vocola 2 extensions created by me:

Extension Description
Excel example of controlling Excel through VBA

Unofficial extensions are provided as is, with no warranty. I use these extensions in my voice control set up, but cannot guarantee that I have tested all corner cases. So, consider them alpha code. From time to time I modify these extensions to improve them; in doing so, I may change names, argument order, or otherwise change their APIs.

These extensions are unofficial and not part of the Vocola 2 distribution. Their functionality may or may not be incorporated into a future standard extension library for Vocola 2, possibly under different names.

You can find more detailed instructions on how to install and use extensions here. If you encounter a bug, have an idea for improvement, or want to contribute an extension, please post in the KnowBrainer Vocola forum

- Mark