Open Command Files

Use these built-in commands to open the right command file when you want to create, modify, or just view commands.

When you say Vocola will open the file containing...
"Open Commands" Commands for the active application.
"Open Global [Commands]" Commands for all applications.
"Open Sample [Commands]" Sample commands for the active application.
"Open Sample Global [Commands]" Sample commands for all applications.
"Open Machine [Commands]" Commands for the active application on the current computer.
"Open Global Machine [Commands]" Commands for all applications on the current computer.

Find error source

When you say Vocola will
"Show Error" Locate the Vocola statement containing the most recent Vocola error, by opening its command file and navigating to the appropriate line and column.

You can view Vocola definitions for the commands on this page by saying "Open Command File Commands". But don't edit the command file directly—see the instructions for how to disable or modify built-in commands.

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