What's New

This page lists the released versions of Vocola 3 and the changes they included, with the most recent version first. You may freely download any version.

Version 3.1.1 (December 17, 2010)

Bugs fixed

  • UK English users can now successfully load commands.

Version 3.1 (April 26, 2010)


Built-in commands

  • New dictation commands let you modify words in recent Vocola dictation. For example, after dictating "The public library (pause) is big" you could say "Cap public library" to get "The Public Library is big". (Unfortunately not available in Windows 7 due to a Microsoft SAPI bug.)
  • The new dictation command Title Case That capitalizes all but "small" words in the just-dictated phrase.


  • Vocola commands can "hold" a key or mouse button by specifying "Hold" or "Release" instead of a keystroke count. For example, {Shift_Hold} to hold down the shift key or {LeftButton_Release} to release the left pointer button.
  • Commands can modify a specific phrase in recent Vocola dictation using the new special variable <_vocolaDictation>.

Function Library

  • The new Variable class allows you to store text in a named variable and retrieve it later. Example commands for saying e.g. "Copy To 7" to save selected text in bin 7 and "Paste From 7" to retrieve it are shown in the Variable.Set and Variable.Get functions.
  • String.ToTitleCase converts text to title case, where all but small words are capitalized.
  • Dictation.ReplaceInActiveText modifies text in recently-dictated phrases.


  • The new VisualStudio sample extension shows an example of controlling an application by its automation interface, as well as enabling some useful commands for Visual Studio.
  • The Vocola API contains some new methods. GetAutomationObject is a utility allowing extensions to connect with a running application via its automation interface, even with UAC enabled. GetVariable and SetVariable allow manipulating Vocola variables.

Bugs fixed

  • Correcting dictation using the Vocola correction panel now updates your speech profile, adding any new words to the lexicon.
  • Due to a Windows bug, text inserted by Vocola dictation has occasionally contained duplicated characters. That now happens even less frequently.
  • After saying "Scratch That" to delete a dictated phrase you were formerly unable to correct the previously-dictated phrase by saying "Fix That"; now you can.
  • With Vocola dictation, saying "open quote (pause) hello" no longer adds an unnecessary space.
  • Dictation.CanGet now works correctly after a manual window switch and a WSR recognition.
  • Clipboard.SetText now successfully copies text to the Windows clipboard.

Version 3.0 (December 24, 2008)

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