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Exit Vocola

Open command files

Open Commands

Open Global [Commands]

Open Sample [Commands]

Open Sample Global [Commands]

Open Machine [Commands]

Open Global Machine [Commands]

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Open built-in command files

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Open Keys Header

Insert keystrokes with Vocola syntax

Insert [modifier] [modifier] key [2..99]


Scratch That

Fix That

Cap That

All Caps That

No Caps That

Compound That

Hyphenate That

Underscore That

Camel [Case] That

Title That

Title Case That

Fix Cap

Fix Space

Fix Both

Dictation Shortcuts

Phrase Start

Try Again

Text Off

Text On

Cap activeDictation

Caps activeDictation

All Caps activeDictation

No Caps activeDictation

Compound activeDictation

Hyphenate activeDictation

Title activeDictation

Camel activeDictation

Replace activeDictation With text

Correction panel

n OK

Choose n

Select n

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